Valleyview Evangelical Friends Church

Valleyview Evangelical Friends Church 

868 W. Williams St. -- Delaware, OH 43015 -- 740-369-7208 --
We are affiliated with Evangelical Friends Church, Eastern Region

(Map to our location may be found on the "About Us" page)


Valleyview Friends is a place where all are welcome to worship God, seek Jesus and follow him as Lord and Savior.  We seek to honor God living as a commiunity of believers, serving others with compassion and worshiping God with our whole person. 


At Valleyview we believe everyone has a calling and a place to serve in minstry.  Whether it be preaching, teaching, building, cleaning, praying, leading worship or serving in a food pantry; God has a place of ministry for all of us in his Kingdom.  Do not worry though, we will not strong arm you into extra work, but partner with you to prayerfully discover your gifts, talents, passions and dreams.  We want to see everyone flourish as they grow as followers of Jesus and ministry is an important part of that growth.  


We are Quaker at our roots and one of the ways we try to live this out is by valuing simplicity.  No we do not dress in traditional Quaker garb, no "quaker oats guy" here.  We come to worship as just as we would would any other part of our lives.  


Note from the Pastor

          If you are not familiar with "Friends," the Friends movement (first known as the Religious Society of Friends) began in the mid- 1600s. Our name is taken from John 15:15, where Jesus said, "I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from my Father I have made known to you." So, we declare through redemption and salvation in Jesus Christ that we become His friend, as well as his disciple. Pretty simple? That's why we call our congregation, "The Church of the Simple Faith." For more on the Friends movement, click our website link to Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region.

     Visitors to Valleyview worship tend to leave with one of two reactions. First are those who are intimidated by our close, personal, intimate worship style, under the direction of the Holy Spirit (though we are not Pentecostal). Those guests usually hit the door quickly at the first note of the postlude and never look back. The second group are those who realize soon into the worship service that this is a special place, a special group of Christian disciples, an authentic worship experience. Following the service they linger to talk with many others, eventually leaving with a sense of "This is what I have been looking for in worship... in a congregation... but didn't realize it actually existed." Those guests usually become part of our Community of Love, our friendship with Jesus and with each other.

Valleyview is not for everyone (no congregation is). Come visit some Sunday morning. You will know soon enough into which group of guests you will fall.

If you are looking for a church home, may the Lord bless you in that exciting venture. We invite you to include a stop at Valleyview on your journey. 


                             Pastor Joshua Walker

* * * * *

Pastor  -  Joshua Walker

Pastor for Prayer and Missions -  Russell Zinn

Administrative Council

Presiding Clerk  -  Ryan Camp

Education Elder  -  Betsie Walker

Recording Clerk   -  Madonna Wells

Outreach Elder  -  Crystal Crall

Spiritual Life Elder  -  Martha Radcliff

W.M.F. President  -  Karen Metzger

Stewardship Elder  -  Harry Metzger III

              * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Children's Ministry Coordinator - Cindy Dickson

Youth Ministry Coordinator -  Joshua and Betsie Walker

Men's Ministry Coordinator -  David Camp

Women's Ministry Coordinator -  Karen Leslie

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